Innovative initiative taken by India to control epidemic COVID-19

Recent WorldMeter statistics show that more than 90,648 people in India have tested positive for the coronavirus. The deadly epidemic has caused a catastrophe, killing 2871 people. Considering this state of emergency, many states have extended the lock until May 17.

Fighting Covid-19 (a viral disease) has become a challenge for the Indian government as there are not enough resources in the healthcare sector. India is ready with smart initiatives and strategies to deal with serious situations.

Options for limited infrastructure
Indian Railways is contributing to the transformation of 5,000 coaches with 60,000 beds into well-equipped isolation wards. It is a commendable initiative in India to provide the best medical care to the ever-increasing number of victims. This effort is aimed at rural people living in remote areas who do not have adequate access to hospital beds. These coaches have been developed to facilitate Level 1 care. Each coach will have to accommodate 1 patient. A target has been set to prepare 20,000 coaches for the convenience of the isolation ward.
The Mahindra Group of Industries has decided to convert its holiday resorts into temporary care centers for coronavirus patients. This great initiative will provide compensatory infrastructure in this fight against the virus as the patient burden may skyrocket in the near future.

Vaccine development initiatives
Indian scientists are looking for a vaccine against the deadly coronavirus. According to experts, biotechnology research in India is in line with international advances in the coronavirus vaccine, where animal testing is considered. A Hyderabad-based research firm has teamed up with Griffith University in Australia to develop a vaccine that could provide vaccines against the virus. Another company in Pune, Seagull Biosolutions, is experimenting with an effective coronavirus vaccine. The good news is that trials of the first phase of the vaccine are set to take place in the next 18 months. The firm is also designing diagnostic kits for indoor use that can even detect asymptomatic carriers.
Health requirements
To provide adequate medical equipment such as PPE, ventilators and masks, the government has adopted efficient plans. Production companies have increased their production by working overtime. Furthermore, the automobile industry has also taken steps to produce basic ventilators from spare parts such as pumps. Companies like Mahindra, Bharat Electronics Limited and Maruti Suzuki have been ordered to manufacture ventilators.
India has also instructed a large number of ventilators from foreign companies like Mindre, Hamilton to combat the situation.

PPE is extremely important for healthcare professionals when dealing with corona patients. The Ministry of Textiles is collaborating with Indian manufacturers to produce about 21 lakh PPEs to supply adequate quantity of kits to the hospital. So far the quality has been tested for these companies. India also bought 10,000 PPEs from China. The Foreign Ministry has entered into agreements with companies in Korea and Singapore to supply PPE.

These innovative solutions and measures adopted by India have given India an advantage among other countries in controlling this coronavirus epidemic.

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