Living with the novel coronavirus or covid 19

The human world has just gone in the opposite direction. The recent epidemic has taken a toll on people’s daily lives and it happened suddenly. Fear has arisen from the darkness and has spread very rapidly all over the world and it has paralyzed the routine work of the people. The novel Kariona virus has brought with it many fancy ways, which were hitherto unknown to man, but rather neglected by them.

Now, many are saying that from now on there will be an Eastern and Northern novel corona virus era.

But, will people become novels because of the novel Corona virus? If we learn the essence of this painful epidemic, we will see the emergence of a welcome world on the other side of this heart! On the other hand, if the text remains unread, it will, of course, foster animosity within the nation, leading the world to the conflict of the novel.

Let’s hope the best happens. Let us be somewhat optimistic and expect a better human society where there is no religious, racial or caste discrimination.

Living with the novel coronavirus or covid 19 – caution

  1. Always be healthy, anywhere and at any cost. Maintaining personal hygiene is essential.
  2. Wear a face mask whenever you go out; For general use, a two-layered cloth mask is best. You can reuse the same after washing. You can also make it at home.
  3. When wearing and removing the mask, you must take double care; You should not touch the middle part with your hands; Always hold the string for wearing and removing.
  4. Do not neglect your mask here or there after use. Once washed, always take it to your bathroom and wash immediately with soap or detergent. If it is a ‘one-time’ use mask, you must wash it the same way and put it in a plastic bag and then in a garbage bag. You can cut it into one or two pieces After removing the mask, you must wash your hands.
  5. Remember, when you leave your home, you may not know if someone close to you is a carrier of the novel coronavirus. This practically means that your whole body is unhealthy and so your hands should never touch weak parts of your body such as nose, eyes and mouth.
  6. Always carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you; This will be helpful for you when you are in action.
  7. Forget about handshake greetings; Do not greet with a fist; Instead, you can simply fold your arms and dip your head. This is the best form of greeting.
  8. Sanitize your hand often; While you are at home, you can use soap.
  1. It is always better to take warm food and drink.
  2. Maintaining distinct distances; At least three feet away from the other person.
  3. It is wise to stay away from crowded places in any case at an early stage.
  4. Clean your hands and feet when you arrive at your home or workplace.
  5. When you arrive at your home, you must enter after washing your feet. You should take a bath directly.
  6. Eat protein-rich foods, which will boost your resistance levels and boost your overall immunity.
  7. Do regular physical exercise, which will help our body’s metabolism.
  8. If you feel something is wrong with your body, contact a practicing physician. Never try self medication.

Finally, we must learn the lesson taught by the Corona virus in this novel that human life is so fragile, and it can be broken even by a minute virus, which is not visible to the naked-eye of man. Therefore, we must give up the hatred we had so far and love each other. Let’s become the novel Human Being.

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