The fare is not increasing, bus owners are reluctant to run the bus on road

Not only bus fares, but also taxi fares are not increasing.

State Transport Minister Shuvendu Adhikari has made it clear that private bus fares will not increase in the state. The state will not comply with the bus owners’ association’s call for a fare hike. Not only bus fares, but also taxi fares are not increasing. Transport Minister Shuvendu Adhikari told a press conference on Saturday that government bus fares were not increasing. Private bus fares will not increase. The rent will remain the same as before.

He also said that the number of government buses would be increased from Monday. Bus distance will be reduced. Buses will be available every thirty minutes from now. The state government will provide all necessary infrastructure and other assistance to the bus owners. But in the current situation, the demand for a three-fold increase in bus fares cannot be met, he said.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the bus owners’ association said that they were disappointed with the decision of the state government. The editor of the minibus said that the condition of the bus owners is very deplorable as a result of the long lockdown. If the bus fare does not increase, they will lose. Therefore, for the time being, private buses and minibuses are not likely to hit the roads from Monday, said the bus owners’ association.

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