The Finance Minister gives explanation of the third phase financial package, know the details

Today, the Union Finance Minister explained the third phase financial package. In today’s explanation, financial packages of agriculture, dairy and fisheries products will be announced. Besides, financial package for animal husbandry will be announced.

  • 11 relief package announcement centers for agriculture and other sectors. There are 6 packages for agriculture.

In the last two months, Tk 18,600 crore has been transferred to farmers in lockdown. This money has been given through Kisan card.

  • 560 liters of milk has been purchased from the cooperative society in 2 months.

1 lakh crore special project for farmers. Packages are being announced to increase farmers’ incomes and infrastructure. The Rs 1 lakh crore package will include cold storage, grain warehouses, agricultural cooperatives and FPOs.

  • Fisheries will be allocated 20 thousand crore. As a result, 55 lakh people will have job opportunities. 53 lakh people will benefit. This package through the Prime Minister’s Fisheries Scheme.
  • Fishermen will be given boats in this project. Besides, fish port will be constructed. Insurance system for fishermen will also be developed. In addition, whenever fishermen cannot go fishing, they will be given financial assistance.
  • Rs 15,000 crore allocated for dairy industry. Private investment will be encouraged.

4 thousand crore will be allocated for herbal cultivation. Medicinal plants will be cultivated in 2.25 lakh hectares of land. Medicinal plants will be cultivated along the Ganges. 600 hectares of such land will be identified on both sides of the Ganges.

  • 500 crore will be allocated for bee farming. In this case women will be given job opportunities. 2 lakh people will benefit from this package.

13 thousand 343 crore will be allocated for animal husbandry. Out of this, 53 crore cows, goats, calves and sheep will be vaccinated 100 percent. As a result, exports will increase and milk production will also increase.

-Agricultural products have been severely damaged as a result of the lockdown. Therefore, farmers will be given 50 percent subsidy for transportation of agricultural products. And 50 per cent subsidy will be given for storage in cold storage. It will cost 500 crore rupees.

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