Why Boundaries Are Important During Covid 19

I enjoy getting involved with old friends and family and keeping in touch with friends but I understand that having healthy boundaries is still important! We can literally get a zoom call every day if we want! Not to mention all the amazing training events!

It helps to first clear what your values ​​and priorities are. What is important to you? How much would you value your life and business? Some examples are; Freedom, family, spirituality etc.

We want to make our decisions in spite of the extra responsibilities of our family, in keeping with how we spend our time and how much we allow in our lives to value and enjoy ourselves.

And we don’t have to wait a day to get _.

Once you are clear about what is important, look at what you can add (or remove) to your life now that will encourage these feelings. We now want more about surviving those feelings, so that we can draw more into our lives that these feelings continue!

It starts with us.

From there we want to confirm our decisions and what we put in our calendar is aligned with those values.

A great way to make a decision is to ask – does it fit my values? If it is not an absolute yes, then it is not a.

Another great way to check-in is to make it work – does it combine with my bigger dream of __?

Again, if it’s not a heck of a yes, it’s not a one. It’s an easy way to eliminate trainings that we don’t really need at the moment and also seem right not to say virtual events that we don’t really want to do.

It’s okay to say no.

Even if people know you’re home!

You can still decide how you want to spend your time and with whom.

I’ve found myself busier than ever with starting new projects and exposing new opportunities. My heart is so satisfied to do these things. It keeps most of the time for my family and some time for myself.

Of course, I still like to keep in touch with extended family and friends and I also do it in a way that feels doable and fun.

I once heard someone say: Don’t do it if it’s not fun!

I love that. I guess you can say fun is one of my core values ​​;-)

Decide what they do for you and create an empowered covid schedule that works and feels good for you.

And dance workouts are 100% on my schedule !!

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